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Definitions: Gospel and Persuade

6 luty 2020 @ 19:00 - 15 kwiecień 2020 @ 21:00


Conversion is the point of Christian faith that is most often misunderstood. It’s also a word that’s not particularly in favor of the modern world. No surprise. It was confusing when Jesus taught it to a religious leader of his day (John 3), and it is confusing to Christians and non-Christians today. So it’s good to spend some time explaining it.
In the Muslim context where I live, many people from other faith backgrounds find it disorienting to hear me preach that no one is born a Christian, that all Christians are converting. Even those from Christian backgrounds are confused about conversion because many come from traditions that emphasize that a person is a Christian because of external reasons. But the Bible clearly teaches that conversion is not a function of your parents’ religion, of which church you join, or of what your passport says. It’s not based on your academic achievements, even if they are from a religious institution. Conversion comes from true, conscious, genuine faith in Jesus.


6 luty 2020 @ 19:00
15 kwiecień 2020 @ 21:00
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